quinta-feira, 2 de abril de 2009


Oi pessoal! Estas são as 4 novas promos que vêm por ai. Dá uma olhada:

InceptorCardtype: Master

Unique Master.Put this card on a vampire of capacity 1, and put three cards from your hand, ash heap or library on this card, face up but out of play. This vampire may play other copies of those cards as if he or she had the Discipline required (if any) at superior

The Marrakech CodexCardtype: Master

Unique Master.Tap to look at and reorder the top four cards of your library. Any vampire may steal this card for his controlled as a (D) action.

RubiconCardtype: Action+1 stealth action.

Requires a titled vampire.(D) Burn a younger non-titled vampire who has burned one of your non-Red list vampires since your last turn.

The Fourth CycleCardtype: Event

Requires at least two other Gehenna cards in play.When this card is played, burn all Gehenna cards and conviction cards, and send all vampires with capacity 3 or less in torpor. No Gehenna cards may be played while this card remains in play.

Mais uma carta de "Magic" essa Marrakech Codex... quero pro meu Osebo. Valeu!

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