quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2009

NOVAS PROMOS 2009 - Parte 2

Fala aí pessoal. Foram liberadas mais 4 promos para este ano, são elas:
Cardtype: ActionClan: Nosferatu+1 stealth. Unique.If this Nosferatu's capacity is 6 or more, he or she untaps. Put this card in play. Whenever a referendum succeeds, you may tap this card to look at any Methuselah's hand.
Cardtype: MasterUnique master.Put this card on a vampire of capacity 1, and put three cards from your hand, ash heap or library on this card, face up but out of play. This vampire may play other copies of these cards as if he or she had the Discipline required (if any) at superior.
Cardtype: Action+1 stealth hunt action.Gain 5 blood. After successful resolution, a referendum is called to call a blood hunt on this vampire (independent of the action, just as if he or she had committed diablerie).
Salt of Thoth
Cardtype: ReactionClan: TremereCost: 2 bloodUsable by a tapped Tremere. Cause a (D) action targeting a location you control to fail and put this card on that location. You may burn this card to cause a (D) action targeting this location to fail.
Esse "Abacate" aí é meio doido hein... 0.O
A SchreckNET (pqp que nome hehe...) talvez entrasse no meu deck de Parity Shift, o dificil é arrumar slot... Slot... Schreck.... entendera? ; D
E vocês? O quê acharam? Fui!

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  1. Esse Abactor é muito bacana! Principalmente se for usada por um archon! =)