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RPGEXPLANATION: Dummy Corporation x Computer Hacking

GustavBreidenstei was standing in front of a big window in his office. Up there he could see almost all of Berlin. He knew that, even going trough a moment of uncommon peace, many creatures was down there planning his destruction and craving his domain. This calm was only a short time to reload the guns.

The waiting took almost a month and all should go fine tonight. He couldn’t afford to risk a portage of guns of this size. He couldn’t simply lose this battle that probably would lead to the loss of the war. All must follow the plan.

Meanwhile, at the other side of the city, a container was unloaded from a train. The content, more than a hundred boxes of army supply from Isreal was filling two Volvo trucks of 5 axles. The bodywork of the two giants was painted in purple and yellow, The logo was a…

- Golden Bear! Of course! – Yelled a particular figure jammed into a laptop while checking images of a security camera full of distortions.
- Are you sure, weirdo? – asked Axel von Anders standing from a couch and fixing his neck as someone that ends a long bus trip. The scene was pure chaos. An apartment in crumbles, with a light bulb pending from the cracked roof and some disgusting furniture.
- Synner-G never misses, pall… but there’s just one problem…
- What problem? – A voice came from the other room.
- We have just two hours to ruin their party! – Synner-G yelled again with rolling eyes, already waiting for the bawl, but with his fingers still in move bouncing the keyboard.
- Fuck! Said Talley, entering the main room where Axel and Synner-G were. Fixing his expensive suit ignoring that his lips was still showing some blood.
- Easy with the clock, boss. I know all the route of the trucks that will transport the “fireworks”.
- Then, let’s GO! We don’t have time to waste. Axel, where’s Frank?
- In the Van already.
- Wait a sec! Synner-G stood up and was standing with the hands gripping the stanchions of the other room with the head in front of his body, like he was trying to see something better. – You leave almost nothing for me!
 In the room, two women were lying in the bad partially naked. Talley checked the clock at the wall and said:

-    - You got two minutes…
-    -  This is more than enough! – Said the gangrel, reaching the two bodies.

Meanwhile, two trucks was crossing the streets of Berlin with an escort of two cars, one in front and one in the back, and two motorcycles on each side. The late night was perfect to this kind of maneuver and all the cops of the city was in Gustav’s pocket. All must follow the plan…

Inside the van, Synner-G was still diving in his computer. Frank Litzpar driving and Axel at his side, both in silence. But the leader was still septic about the situation.

-   -   So, why the hell you are sure that these trucks are caring Gustav’s packages?
-   -   Talley, you are underestimating my powers. Since the beginning of my “research” this name appears in many accesses and e-mails of Gustav. I just framed two trucks being loaded at the train station with the logo written in their bodyworks.
-   -   Golden Bear?
-   -    Yeah, and I’m not even talking about the “coincidence”…
-   -    Coincidence?
-   -    The initials… G and B. Are the same from the prince’s name. – Said the nosferatu while driving fast but safe.
-   -     Bingo! Synner-G yelled again with his eyes fixed at the screen.
-   -    And how are you planning to brake his legs Syn? This trucks must have more protection than your virginity. – Said the Brujah, looking to the nosferatu at his side. Frank just gave him a simple smile, showing few of his deformed teeth.
-   -     Very funny Mr. Shaved Ass. When I told you that I knew their route, I was not talking about ambush them. Sure that an open confront with two escorted trucks would be tragic. But analyzing their next steps I could tell precisely how much time we have to burst into the Golden Bear’s “cave”…
-   -     We gonna stay inside, waiting them and when they leave we took the trucks and run away?
-    -     Exactly boss! Very good indeed! Not for accident they call you The Hound! – Synner –G was not even trying to hide the sarcasm.
-      -    Hmm… the plan is dumb and too suicidal for them to believe that someone would do that. Maybe it works… And you have the map of the “cave”? Do you know “precisely” what we will face there, how to enter and…
-   -       Easy, easy Talley. My “friend” here knows it all. Frank is driving us to the back street of the storage. I’ve got all the access to their security system. A small “breakdown” should be sufficient for us to go in and hide for some minutes.

Talley knew that the plan was good. Gustav doesn’t like to work with ghouls and the majority of his servants were just humans working to some rich man. The lasombra knew that the accomplishment of that duty should place him above in the ranks of the Sabbat, considering the urge to ruin the forces of the city prince. 

Hartmut Stover, the wannabe archbishop of Berlin, trusted him that mission and based on that, Talley should receive a portion of his hometown, becoming officially Hartmut’s Templar. 


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