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Rpgexplanations: Mob Connections

(translated post - sry about the english...)

The nosferatu Nigel knew: that was his last chance to eliminate his target. Two miserable tries made him hate even more that little toreador. His contacts assure him that she was a spy assembling knowledge of the area. They also told him that she was not very expert. And That was killing him…

-          - This little cunt cannot escape this time, you understand?
-          - Calm down freakshow… the last two times you were not playing with the Bonnano at your side.
-          - I hope it worth…
-          - Hey, hey ugly one. I think that is my family that should concern about the benefits of risk our asses on this deal with your organization…
-          - I’ve told you that this will not be discuss by phone. I’ll meet you tomorrow.
-         - OK then. Now let’s end this quick. I can’t chat with you all night.

Nigel pressed the red button. For him it was a shame must call out to your connections with the mob, and the worst was that the nosferatu now had an obligation with them. But this should be worthy. Your reputation should be restored tonight.

Mariana Gilbert was walking by the streets of Buffalo with mixed feelings. By one hand, she was very happy with her mission so far, scanning the Sabbat activity at the town, formerly ruled by Camarilla. That mission was given to her after three years of “office work”. “Finally I can feel the wind in my face”. But on the other hand, there was anguish on her little rough smile. After two weeks of research she was discovered and attacked. For two times she could escape by little, thanks to the auspex that she started to improve trough the last months.

This was your last night in town and she couldn’t leave without a little glimpse at the atelier of the local new name of painting. Just a quick visit, a glass of wine and two or three paintings bought. Nothing to ruin the night…

Nigel’s plan was nicely build. The poor toreador was in trouble, noticing that the area was well known by the nosferatu. Walking above the roofs without being noticed, helped by the obfuscate, he waited for his prey to enter the Grenn Park Street and started the attack. He study all course until a particular point, very important for his plan. He gently perched behind her, being helped by the lack of experience of the newbie and could not resist by making a funny comment based on her clothes:

-        -  Don’t you fear the bad wolf, riding hood?

Said this while he charges against her with a punch in the left ear. The toreador was hit badly and lost part of this senses when crushed against a brick wall. Right after that she was kneed in the stomach and felt. Nigel almost believed that he would not even need his “partners”, when saw Mariana on the floor. However, when he started to improvise about how end up with that, in a blink of an eye she was gone. He lifted his look with the mouth slightly open and saw the red blur of Mariana running, 60 fts away. “Not this time, bitch…”

Mariana used her celerity to avoid a certain final death, however could not afford it for much time more. Was wounded and disoriented and her shoes felt some steps behind. Probably by the punch in the head, she momentarily forgot the map of the area and started to panic. Felt something leaking out of her ear. It was blood. “Calm down girl... you escaped twice from this piece of shit. Just remember the training…”

Looked above her shoulders and saw that his predator had shorted the distance by 30 fts. She could hear the nosferatu boots smashing the rain pools.  “Come on… remember... the next two streets are dead-ends… DAMN! Think Mariana, think! Yes! Sure, damn... the Monroe Path. It ends at the other side of the block. If I could thrash just one more time I’ll reach the half of it without eye contact with him and then I could escape through the subway at Cambridge Avenue.”

Mariana used her last inputs to speed up one more time. Without knowing, she did exactly what Nigel foresaw. While she drifted away with her super speed, Nigel grabbed the phone and pressed REDIAL. Waited for two seconds and then hanged off. It was the sign that Alberto and his goons was waiting. The hunt continues…

The toreador felt almost relieved when, at the half of the path could see the light of the main street at the other side. Looked back and didn’t saw Nigel. Was exhausted and wounded, but if she could reach the Cambridge Avenue the nosferatu should be lost. “I will win this game… MUST end this mission…” Her feet was naked and being carved by the rough pavement of the alley but she focused on the lights at the end of the way. Looking one last time above her shoulder she saw Nigel arriving very calm at the entrance, without running. Could not understand the tranquility of her predator. For a second she could identify a little smile by the corner of his deformed lips. A shiver ran through her spine when the lights from Cambridge Avenue was blocked by something big…

While her eyes was turning back to the end of the path, she saw a dark blue van stopping, blocking the passage. Her face was the mix of exhaustion and defeat and, while the door of the van starts to slide open, she knew that there’s nothing more to be done.

Took three more steps in slow motion and her face was enlightened by four sub-machine guns spiting boiling metal. While her body trembled by the bullets, she thought about his superiors, about how she felt when was picked for this first “street mission”. And remembered the night of her dark embrace and how it was hard to adapt to her new state of “monster”. “Maybe it was just a dream…”

The guns stopped and at first, the vampire felt on her knees on the pool of her own blood. She still could hear the steps of the nosferatu getting close to her.

Nigel didn’t want to show his nervous euphoria while was getting near Mariana’s body. Arrived beside her and put his left foot on her back full of holes and blood. But suddenly a maniac aspect took his face and he started to stamp with violence in the back of her head. Not even a sound came out the nosferatu’s mouth while he was smashing the skull of his prey in a brutal way.  The blood spilled. His boots and leather black pants was starting to get soaked and when was nothing left beside a red mash and a headless body, he stopped.   

Slowly lifted his eyes to the van. His pale face, his terrifying smile and the blood spilled in his chin build a remarkable visage.

- Alberto was not kidding. You really are a crazy motherfucker and ugly as the beast itself man…
- Tell him… that I will be… with him tomorrow… - Said Nigel getting back from madness, slowly.
- Capisce. Now, hide this bitch quickly man. We must run away from here. – Said the driver slightly disgusted.

Nigel took off the sewer lid and threw the body down there. He jumped in and while he was closing the lid above his head, he saw the van peeling out the tires in a rush to leave the crime scene and thought: “Nothing cleans your honor and reputation better than toreador’s blood…”

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