segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2009

Quase Lá!

Fala aí galera!! Lá no EXTRALA postaram uma muito provavel lista das library cards da nova expansão Laibon. Uma dela é:
Bamba (EK:C)Cardtype: ActionCost: 1 blood
Requires a non-sterile Laibon with a capacity of 4 or more. +1 stealth action.Put this card in play. It becomes a 1 capacity non-unique Laibon of the same clan and cannot act this turn. if the acting Laibon is a Magaji you may search your library,hand,ash heap for a master: discipline card to play on this vampire (pay cost as normal) and you may move 1 blood from the that Magaji to this Laibon.
hehe valeu... post novo essa semana. bye!

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