domingo, 17 de maio de 2009

ENGLISH VERSION: The Calm Before the Storm

Today it starts the English Version posts here. Once a month I will pick an earlier post originally in Portuguese and will translate to the rest of the world. Hope you all enjoy!

How many time you’ve seen a player (maybe you) that don’t have enough votes, to call a referendum and make stupid deals just to make that referendum passes? And at the end of the turn, when he draws his discard replacement, it is an Awe that would make his will to prevail on terms. Well, if with that stupid deal he killed his prey or could make it through another two or three turns, that’s ok. But many times we see players hasting actions (not only politics), and having bad consequences. Sometimes we have a problem on waiting. That’s our generation problem and reflects on Vtes too.

We think that by the time we have a card on our hand, we must play it at any cost. Understand, im not here preaching about a slow and boldness Jyhad. I’m only reminding that, sometimes, there’s a better time than NOW.

Timing, as in comedy, is fundamental to achieve success in this game. And this is not only true on politics. With a rush combat deck for example: Finally you draw that precious Haven Uncovered. You, without thinking twice (sadly), place it on your prey’s Arika. But, after few seconds, you realize that your Jimmy Dunn is empty, and must hunt, and your Pug Jackson have only one blood, not enough to put a full Inner Circle down at the moment. Your preys turn starts and that little bruised Arika (maybe a black eye) taps and burns the Haven Uncovered, freakdrives and falls into her prey. Wouldn’t be better wait a turn to rush Arika in gang-bang style? Surely! And we still are missing a really strong factor that inspired me to name this post. The Surprise Effect.

A turn of hunt in a B&S deck may calm down your prey, making he/she think that you hand is jammed maybe, and turning his/her eyes to another point of threat on the table. Once more the dissimulation shows his power, providing a killing (literally) next turn. Don’t be tied on the examples that I gave here. The timing variant is important in every strategy/deck.

To know the right time to blow a strike is one of the most important things in a duel. Ok? Hope you enjoy and… talking about timing… what time is it? o.O

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  1. I would love to see the interview with Lasombra translated.

  2. Joo, you could mention and/or explain some slang and expressions we're used to speak here
    "more behind than in front"
    "but, what if I don't want"
    "kill who's killing you"
    "i am already ?! it's good it takes..."
    "loops in the power"
    and many others.....hehe