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Hello people! Today our gest is very special. Not, isnt the antedeluvian, it is the owner of one of the most important Vtes WebSites: http://www.thelasombra.com/. Who doesnt know it, should click and enjoy. He sell cards too! Well, lets interview:

1 - Your name and old please

Jeffrey Thompson, 38

2- Where you lives?

Atlanta, Georgia USA

3- You have played or still plays the Vampire: The Mascarade RPG?

I was a Storyteller for V:TM when it was introduced. I haven't played an RPG since 1994.

4- Have played or still plays some other Card Game?

I have played quite a few of the original CCGs. I don't play any other CCGs now.

5- When you started to play Vtes?

August 1994.

6- Which was your more important wins on championships?

DragonCon 2000, the prize of which was to have my picture on a card, Adonai (Salubri Antitribu).

7- Which was your first deck on Vtes?

My first successful deck was Malkavian Stealth Bleed.http://www.thelasombra.com/decks/osb.htm

I played quite a few different Jyhad only decks.http://www.thelasombra.com/decks.htm#jod

8- What kind a deck do you like most?

One with permanent intercept.http://www.thelasombra.com/decks/twd.htm#2k9mwcharlestonorhttp://www.thelasombra.com/decks/sense_lasombra_way.htm

9- What kind a deck you never will make?

I've played just about everything, at some point or another.I haven't ever played a Khazar's Diary deck yet.

10- Tell me the thing that attracts you on Vtes.

Competition with good players.

11- What you change in Vtes if you could? (released cards, banned cards, rules,...)

No more cornercase cards that can only be used when diablerizing another vampire.(Blade Clot, Cloak of Blood, Dismemberment of Osiris, Fire on the Mountain, The Hunt Club, Rebirth, Stealing Years, Subdued by the Blood)

12- Tell me a strong side of you on the game.

Knowledge of other players and what their decks can do.

13- Now tell me a weak one.

I am not willing to talk the table to death to gain victory. I need players to play to win, not to be puppets of the other players.

14- What deck do you think that symbolizes you and your history on Vtes?

One of these.http://www.thelasombra.com/decks/twd.htm#2k9mwcharleston
or http://www.thelasombra.com/decks/sense_lasombra_way.htm

15- Send a message to the readers of the blog please.

Welcome to a great game! Carpe Noctem!

Thats it! Comments please!!! Seeya!

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